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Quality Checks are made at Incoming Stage, the Processing Stage and Final Stage as per Following Verification Plans.

  Verification Plan No   Stage
1 RMVP – 01   Raw Material Stage
2 IPVP-01 & IPVP-02   In Process Material
3 OLVP-01 & OLVP-02   Off Loaded Material
4 FPVP-01 final product   Final Product
The raw material is procured as per the TRP Technical Requirement of steel ingot/blooms from approved steel mills.

The following Quality Checks are made at different stages:

1. Incoming stage (Ref. Doc RMVP – 01)

(a) Verification and Identification of Ingot/Bloom with respect to heat number, size etc.

(b) Verification of Mill T.C. for Chemical Composition, Steel Making Route, Gas Contents and other Technical Requirements.

(c) Surface examination of the Ingot.

(d) Weight of the Ingot.

(e) Condition of the Hot Top.

2. In process stage (Ref. Doc IPVP-01 & IPVP-02)

(a) Identification of the job with respect to job number & Heat number.

(b) Dimensional Inspection.

(c) Surface Inspection.

(d) Hardness Check if applicable.

(e) Ultrasonic test

(f) Mechanical Test i.e. Tensile test, Impact test, Bend test, as applicable.

(g) Metallurgical Test i.e. Micro structure, Grain Size, Inclusion Rating, etc. as applicable.


3. Off loaded stage (Ref. Doc OLVP-01 & OLVP-02)

(a) Proof Machining as per manufacturing drawing.

(b) Dimension Inspection as per manufacturing drawing.

(c) Hardness Check.

(d) Ultrasonic Test.

(e) MPI/DP Testing

(f) If further Machining is required the same is released if found OK.


4. Final stage (Ref. Doc FPVP-01)

(a) Dimension Inspection.

(b) Surface Inspection.

(c) Ultrasonic test to ensure internal soundness as per specification.

(d) Hardness test on job.

(e) Verification of Mechanical test and Metallurgical test report.