Forgings are supplied to the following industries and
in following material grades:
• Carbon Steel
• Alloy Steel
• Stainless Steel
• Die Steel
• Hot & Cold Working Tool Steel

Sugar - Mill Roller Shafts, Gear Shafts, Tail Bars, Gear Rings and Blanks.

Steel - Table Rolls, Pinions, Spindles, Rolls for Slab & Continuous Caster, Blooming Mill & Hot Rolling Mill Rolls, Elongator Rolls, Wobblers and Gearing Components.

Cement - Kiln and Mill Rollers, Pinions and Pinion Shafts, Axles, Tie Rods and Location Bearings.

  Gear - Gear Blanks & Gear Rings.

Power - Rotor Shafts for Compressors, Alternators, Generators, Turbines (Hydro, Wind and Steam), Rotor Discs, Tube Sheets, Nozzles, Girth & Blind Flanges, Casings & Trunions, Vertical & Ball Mill Drive Shafts, Fan and Pump Shafts.

Chemical & Fertilizers - Fluid Ends, Manifolds and Tube Sheets, Flanges.

Oil Field Application - Round Bars and Square Bars, Casing Heads, Cross Forgings, Tubing Spool, Y Forgings, Body Blocks Forgings for SSSB and SSBT Valves, Shaped, Forging for Hangers, Body Housing, Slip Lock Housing etc.

Others - Piston Roads, Eccentric Shafts, Tie Rods, Ram, Sow Blocks, Bolster Plates for Hammers & Presses, Die Blocks for Plastic Molding and Forging Industries, Tool for forming and extrusions.

Weight and Dimensions -